Ravi Shastri to continue as coach of Team India, people said that Virat Kohli is gone?

Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri, Team India, Virat Kohli, T20

Ravi Shastri Coach Of Team India Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri, Team India, Virat Kohli, T20Cricket Advisory Committee of BCCI ie CSE folded the name of the new head coach of Team India. And this name is Ravi Shastri. That is, Ravi Shastri will continue as the head coach of his Bharti cricket team. The CSE consists of Anshuman Gaekwad along with Kapil Dev and Indian women’s team captain Shanta Ramaswamy. Kapil Dev held a press conference and told that Ravi Shastri has been and will continue to be the coach of Team India.


Ravi Shastri’s tenure will be until the T20 World Cup in 2019. Earlier the tournament used to eat World T20 but now it will be called T20 World Cup. Kapil Dev said in the press conference that the court should talk about the contenders for the post.

So New Zealand’s Mick Pesum was at number two and tom moody from Australia at number three. And whatever was different between these two was very less.

Virat Kohli with Kapil Dev, Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri, Team India, Virat Kohli Ravi Shastri has played 80 Tests and 150 one-day games for India. His career was World Cup till 2019. But there was not much gap at the end of the World Cup and the commencement of India’s West Indies tour. The BCCI, therefore, raided the office of the coaching staff including Ravi Shastri for 45 days. Now Ravi Shastri will continue as coach. Ravi Shastri was the team director in the 2015 World Cup and he was the head coach in the 2019 World Cup.




In both the tournaments, the Indian team was eliminated in the semi-finals. Ravi Shastri Ji also went to Kirkri after the defeat of Team India in the 2014 semi-finals. Before the West Indies tour, captain Virat Kohli also said something about the coach’s tastes.

He had said that Ravi Shastri remained the coach of the team. We have a very good rapport with Ravi Bhai. And there is also a lot of respect for Ravi Shastri in the team. We would be happy if Ravi Shastri continues as a coach. That is what Virat Kohli wanted.
Virat Kohli, Sureshraina with Kapil Dev, Virat Kohli with Kapil Dev, Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri, Team India, Virat Kohli CSE also revealed the names of former West Indies all-rounder and former Afghanistan coach will siemens, former Team India fielding coach Robin Singh and former Team India manager Lal Chand for the post of Team India.

But now Ravi has been named. Shastri gave his presentation through teleconference in this meeting as he was currently with Team India in the West Indies. In CSE, all the contenders were selected on the basis of 5 different things. What were 5 different things? Which were the parameters? Which was coaching philosophy, coach’s experience, information about their achievements, communication, and model coaching tools.

Now next week, the remaining staff members of the Indian cricket team will be interviewed. For this, the CSE wrote a statement to the BCCI and said that they also want to be involved in this selection process. This was the news that the new coach of the Indian team i.e. the coach who will release his tenure.