Parineeti Chopra’s upcoming film The Girl on the Train is leaked?

Parineeti Chopra, The Girl on the Train

Parineeti Chopra- Parineeti ChopraParineeti Chopra has moved forward in life, calling the average performance of the forced pair at the box office, must go up. His next film is coming, the film’s name has not been decided yet but the first look has come. It has been told that the famous writer Bola’s trailer over The Girl on the Train is the best. (The Girl on the Train)


Emily Blunt, Parineeti ChopraNow the interesting thing is that a Hollywood film has also been made by some name on the book of Pola, Emily Blunt, who plays the lead in the film, received many accolades, nominations, and awards for her performance. We are talking about this right now because Parineeti Chopra’s first, look has been shared with the Hindi remake of The Girl On The Train.

Addicted Women, Emily Blunt, Parineeti ChopraThe number one thing about the story of the film is that a woman is addicted to alcohol, the child cannot find out the reason behind it, in this matter she has been depressed, she is addicted to alcohol, she drinks so much alcohol that she later I do not remember anything, she lost her job, got divorced, now she sits in the train every morning and walks around the city.

(The Girl on the Train)

climax, Addicted Women, Emily Blunt, Parineeti ChopraBut she does not know where to reach herself, she sees Kapil from the train window every morning, who seems very happy with each other but one day she sees that woman doing with another man, and the illusion of her happy couple is broken, she becomes angry but as she wakes up the next day she sees the news of the woman’s disappearance on TV and in this case she is asked for questioning. Police have taken away the drunken girl, but do not miss anything, why did. From here the thrill begins to form in the story, then the climax reveals the shocking connection between the drunken woman and her husband’s path and this missing woman. This thing leaves you in a lot more silence than what the woman loves.

(The Girl on the Train)

Parineeti Chopra, The Girl on the TrainNow come to the second point, what is there in the first look of the film, in the first look of the film, Parineeti Chopra is seen in a bathtub. There is a big village on his forehead and blood is seen all over the body. Looking at the void with her teary eyes, the makers told that the photo was taken from the film’s essential scene, which could be the scene when the woman realizes that after getting drunk Her husband beat her badly. But he did not know anything because of the drug, this scene is disturbing, but in this way it has been launched as the first look in the film, making it stronger.

(The Girl on the Train)

Kirti Kulhari and Aditi Rao, climax, Addicted Women, Emily Blunt, Parineeti ChopraNow come to the third point, who besides Parineeti is working in this film. Parineeti is playing that drunken woman in the film along with her, Kirti Kulhari and Aditi Rao Hydari are also playing an important role in this film, Kirti Kulhari will play the role of a British police officer in this film, maybe it is the character who Investigating the missing woman’s case.