Why Netflix launched its cheap plan in India?


Netflix Launched Cheap Plan In India


Netflix is ​​a video streaming platform. Which suddenly became quite popular. Netflix has also made huge investments in India. Has made several hit original series. Such as Sacred Games, Chopsticks, Lust Story, Ghoul yet Netflix could not reach its footing in India to the extent it had hoped. Now Netflix has launched its cheap mobile-only plan for Indian users. Which will cost 199 rupees a month? But the same Netflix has lost thousands of subscribers in its own country America. So is Netflix expecting India to emerge from its losses?


Hollywood star Brad Pitt, Netflix

When Hollywood star Brad Pitt arrived in Mumbai to promote his film in 2017, he felt that his entertainment industry is taking India seriously. Brad Pitt is the first star who himself came to promote his film. After this Christian Bale or Will Smith came to India.

The funny thing is that this star came not too big production houses like Varner Brothers or Sony but to Netflix. But Netflix has only 40 to 60 lakh subscribers in India’s 133 crore population. Indian company Hotstar has monthly active users of 30 crores.

Consulting from PWC partner Rajiv says that India is a price sensitivity market. Netflix has targeted a limited work that is educated and slightly elite. Those who understand international content. Netflix’s Indian content also comes in both Hindi and English languages.

Two of Netflix’s big bans in India attract Hotstar or Amazon Prime customers in many ways. Hotstar offers live cricket offers. So Amazon Prime customers are given free delivery. Apart from this, there are many small players in this area, which many telecom companies give free in bundle offers. India is a market which has many possibilities and there is also a huge scope for the consumption of new original content.

5G, Hollywood star Brad Pitt, NetflixDigital membership has increased by 262 in the last year. That means $ 205 million business has been done in this industry. This boom has been due to the higher-level video platform. With the arrival of 5G, the figures will increase rapidly. This market is also ready for new players.

4 decimal 6 hours to 11 decimal 8 hours, 5G, Hollywood star Brad Pitt, NetflixOn average, every Indian spends 4 decimal 6 hours watching media, which includes TV, digital and video. This figure is far behind the USA where people spend 11 decimal 8 hours on an average.

Entertainment Journalist Rohit Khilnani says that to increase its expansion, Netflix has to catch up in villages and towns. And it is possible only when the plan is launched by keeping the mobile in mind.

Netflix Living Room, 4 decimal 6 hours to 11 decimal 8 hours, 5G, Hollywood star Brad Pitt, NetflixBut there is a special thing that living in such millions comes with a phone with a limited budget and limited storage. In such a situation, they will not be such customers who take many subscriptions. And this will fold who becomes the leader of this industry.