Melania Trump kiss Justin Trudeau?

Melania Trump kiss Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump

Melania Trump kiss Justin Trudeau The G7 was just recently. In which the leaders of many countries had reached, in this episode, America’s President Donald Trump reached his wife Melania Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also reached Melania and Justin, a picture of that time is now going viral.

In the photo, you can clearly see that Melania Trump is moving to kiss Justin Trudeau. Donald Trump is also standing right next to him. Not feeling much happier, immediately people started sharing this picture on social media with different captions and in a short time, Melania loves Trudeau also started trending.

News agency Reuters tweeted that the photo showed first lady Melania Trump kissing Canadian PM Justin Trudeau during a family photo of the G7 summit, and President Donald Trump was watching her. Twitter users made much news on this encounter of Melania and Trudeau.

Loni Love Tweet Melania, Melania Trump kiss Justin Trudeau, Donald TrumpLoni Love wrote on Twitter that Melania is ready for all the risk for Trudeau, one user wrote that you should also find someone who looks at you the way Melania is looking at Justin Trudeau, some people took this picture Taken as a joke, some people have made lewd memes. Tell them that Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau were meeting and Melania was leaning on Trudeau’s cheek to do a traditional kiss.

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau, Loni Love Tweet Melania, Melania Trump kiss Justin Trudeau, Donald TrumpTwo years ago, a picture of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau went viral and Ivanka was looking at Justin Trudeau in that photo, and it just hasn’t happened to them. It often happens that even in Bollywood, Actor-Actress meet, but the angle of the camera is photographed in such a way that it seems that they are kissing and there is a lot of ruckus on it.