Constable sister celebrated Raksha Bandhan by tying a rakhi on martyr brother’s rifle in Naxal Attack.

Constable sister celebrated Raksha Bandhan, Rakesh Kaushal, Kavita Kaushal

Constable sister celebrated Raksha Bandhan Constable sister celebrated Raksha Bandhan, Rakesh Kaushal, Kavita Kaushal Dantewada is the district in Chhattisgarh. There is a village here Anandpur. In the month of October last year, there was a Naxalite attack in this village. 3 police personnel were killed in the attack. And a camera person from Doordarshan was killed. Assistant constable Rakesh Kaushal was also among the police personnel to be martyred. His sister Kavita Kaushal got a job in police after Rakesh Kaushal left. He is also a police constable at the moment. Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in the country on the 15th of August. Kavita Kaushal also celebrated it but in a very different way. He celebrated the festival by closing a rakhi on a rifle.

celebrated Raksha Bandhan with brother's rifle, Constable sister celebrated Raksha Bandhan, Rakesh Kaushal, Kavita Kaushal Actually, the rifle on which Kavita Kaushal has tied Rakhi was once Rakesh Kaushal. When Kavita Kaushal joined the police job, she demanded that she be given her brother’s rifle. Kavita Kaushal now wants to avenge Rakesh Kaushal’s death with this gun.


According to reports by news agency ANI and Dainik Bhaskar, Kavita Kaushal says that “I got a job in Chhattisgarh Police on my brother’s wake. I appealed to the department to give me the same gun my brother used.

Raksha Bandhan

Naxalite coward, I want to avenge my brother’s death by joining Danteshwari fighters. My brothers wanted to see me in a police uniform. I dreamed of them Joined the police job to kill.

My mother was afraid of her brother’s job, then he used to say that she has given birth to a lion son. Your son is not a coward. Naxalites are cowardly and attack. The son will die on the chest. “

Kavita Kaushal does office work right now but wants to go on a fight. She wants to join the team of Bani women commandos against the Naxalites.

What happened last year? Legislative assembly elections were to be held in Chhattisgarh on November 2018. Voting in two parties was scheduled to take place on 12 and 20 November. News channels and reporters went to Chhattisgarh to cover the election.

A Doordarshan team was in the Maoist affected area. Rakesh Kaushal was posted at Aranpur Police Station in Aranpur village of Ganth Bada. On 30 October, Naxalites attacked in Aranpur. Sub-inspector ruder Pratap Singh assistant constable Manglu and Gurudarshan camera person Achuk Anand Sahib died in the attack.

Two policemen, including Rakesh. On the second day i.e. on the day of treatment on 31 October, Rakesh was killed in Ramkrishna care hospital in Raipur. After that, his sister was given a job in the police.