Camscanner App is Dangerous | Data is at risk?

Camscanner App

Camscanner App If you also use the Camscanner App, remove it instantly from your mobile Camscanner is a very popular mobile app. Documents are easily scanned through this app. This app has been downloaded more than 10 crore times on the Play Store.

Camscanner AppCamscanner is available in both free and paid versions, many malware apps are getting available on the Google Play store in the recent past and the new name Camscanner has been added to this link in the version 5.11.7 of the Camscanner App. Kaspersky Lab said that some dangerous modules have been found in which are downloading the allowed app without user and pushing ad too.

In this app, a kind of broken dropper has been found, through which hackers are targeting the smartphone of the users and damaging the smartphone through malware. According to some reports, log in details have also been stolen. No one has confirmed this yet.

Now what said if you have Camscanner App in your mobile, then you remove it as soon as possible. Camscanner has told the press release that you can download the latest version of the Play Store or the official website, which is absolutely safe. We are working on the problem that users have found in your version 5.11.7.

You can mail about any problem related to the Camscanner App. There is no problem in this Paid version, so if you have a paid version of Camscanner, then you do not have to worry.