Bumrah became No. 7 bowler of Test-Match

Jasprit Bumrah & Virat Kohli, Andy Roberts called Bumrah the best bowler, Sachin Movement of Bumrah, Andy Roberts, Bumrah

BumrahBumrahAndy Robert, Michael Holding, Malcolm Marshall, Kurtley Walls, Kitty Ambrose, these names were once beyond those times in bowling. If you come to throw your long-spoken bowler’s body, do not tamper with the ball in the bat, but the cycle of time is over, one person is changing the written definitions. Jasprit Bumrah in the first Test match between India VS West Indies, this Bhokal was shouting and speaking as a common man.

Andy Roberts, BumrahBumrah was not pouring balls, blowing seven wickets against the West Indies for just seven runs. Bumrah was doing this bowling to Andy Roberts of the stadium. And the legendary bowler of the West Indies, named Yeh End Hai, was present in the field to Andy Roberts. With his own eyes, he was seeing the history of Bumrah reversing and at the end of the match, he was chanting a garland named Robot Gumla.

Sachin Movement of Bumrah, Andy Roberts, BumrahSo much so that when Bumrah hit the swinger on the fifth ball of the second over and hit a clean bold to john Campbell, then Robot kept on applauding for a long time, this can be called the Sachin Movement of Bumrah. Now you will say that what happened to this Sachin movement, then think what could have been the biggest date for Sachin, the date that the greatest batsman of cricket, Don Bradman should notice him. Say in appreciation that I love to see Sachin batting, for Gumra this has been achieved by great bowlers like Andy Roberts and Kutty Ambrose. Kutty Ambrose even told the Indian process interview that he can play at any age.

He said that Bumrah can play with great fast bowlers like Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner, Courtney Walsh. Sometimes it reminds us of our peak times. His speed, aggression, art. The way he beats the batsman, the way he thinks ahead of him. He could have been one of us, he is such a former bowler that he can play any era.

Andy Roberts called Bumrah the best bowler, Sachin Movement of Bumrah, Andy Roberts, BumrahAndy Roberts called Bumrah the best bowler of India so far and said that India had a good spinner in our time. But you cannot win a match abroad. India had the needs of Kapil Dev but we never thought that India would be able to create an account bowler like Bumrah.

7-8 steps to put the mustard ball but Bumrah’s art continues to prevail. He said that I have not seen more action on the cricket field. I had to take some time to understand this, but if he was born at that time, he would have been with us.

Jasprit Bumrah & Virat Kohli, Andy Roberts called Bumrah the best bowler, Sachin Movement of Bumrah, Andy Roberts, BumrahOur bowling was the only lack of uniqueness in this attack, in fact, Bumrah is the only one that the bowler has never prepared. He further said to the robots, bowling like Bumrah, he needs a lot of time to learn, but how old are they right now? After all, how many Tests he has played are clear. They learn fast. This is the most special thing inside him for me. Some people call it maturity but I consider it an understanding of the game. Due to a problem, he was the number one best bowler in the world and was growing very fast. The newly released rank king Bumrah has entered the top-10. His current rank no. Is 7.